Are you carious about my story?

My name is Jaz Kaur. Originally, I’m from India. After I got married in 1997,I came in united states. Mom of 3 boys, worked full time for 20 years.

Like all average people I have done a full-time job for 20 years. It wasn’t fun to have a full-time job which also was second shift job (night),I didn’t have time to take of my family and spend time with them.
2 hand Half years ago, one of friends showed me a Business opportunity that could change my life. So, I decided to join that opportunity while I was working my full-time job.
It was not easy thing to do while working second shift, taking care of my family and plus give time for the part time business I had started, but I did this for two full year but unfortunately, I did not achieve the success I wanted to.
A lot of hard work, learn so many new things, But the problem was I was doing offline marketing, like everyone else does in this industry.
I was not achieving my goals, not making enough money. Still Struggling to create freedom to be with my family.
🔥 🔥The STRUGGLE” is real… 🔥 🔥

I wish I knew then what I know today about creating leverage and residual income.
I was not using social media to build my business to reach out over 2 BILLION people on Facebook. My upline was living in different state so never received proper training’s.
How to BRAND Myself and Why?
Didn’t know my “WHY’s”
Had no clue how to position myself as the leader when influencing prospects
Never did personal development to see my crystal-clear vision
I was trying to sell to everyone.
Don’t know any PROSPETING skills
Don’t know how to QUALIFY people for my business
🔥 🔥
Seriously, HOW DO THEY DO IT  

About 8 months ago, I ask this question to myself all the time.

 I was so SICK of prospecting friends and family.

 I posted business cards on all the bulletin board I could find.

 I gave away samples.

 I hosted my own parties.

 I done all grand openings

 Nothing worked for me.

 I almost ready to quit. 😫 

Trust me I have done all that but sadly, I fell into the same hole…
The time, when you come across that secret weapon in your business and you are like “HELL YEAH!” 😎

Building a network is the real deal in any business, yet it is not easy at all.
I found the way to grow my business online in 2017 after long time 2 years struggled. it changed my business, and I am confident it can change yours as well.

This year 2017 day one I came online and start learning social media. Once I found this system, my business shifted and so did my freedom.
I start investing money and time to learn as much as I can and same to start teaching others.
It takes a lot of money, time and persistence, so if you think you will use network marketing to get rich in a week, you will have to change that mindset right away.
Wanna make big money 💰 💰 in this profession.

Click here on my 1K formula
Go find the right opportunity
Work hard.
Be smart.
Stick with plan.

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