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Are you carious about my story?

My name is Jaz Kaur. Originally, I’m from India. After marriage in 1996 i came in united states. Mom of 3 boys, worked full time for 20 years.

Like all average people I have done a full-time job for 20 years. It wasn't fun to have a full-time job which also was second shift job (night), i didn't have time to take of my family and spend time with them, but then a couple of years ago, one of friends showed me a Business opportunity that could change my life. So, I decided to join that opportunity while I was working my full-time job. It was not easy thing to do while working second shift, taking care of my family and plus give time for the part time business i had started. But I did this for one full year but unfortunately, I did not achieve the success I wanted to.
I start my Home-Based Business in early 2015. Put a lot of hard work, learn so many new things, Bit the problem was I was doing offline marketing, like everyone else does in this industry. I was not achieving my goals, not making enough money. Still Struggling to create freedom to be with my family.

Than December 2016 someone introduced me online system. and start learning social media. I start investing money and time to learn as much as I can and same to start teaching others.
Most people set up their goals for losing weight start of the new year as a new resolution and most people quit by January 15th, but I start my new resolution to become free in 2017. I see my Vision. Where I want to go? Find out all my why's. Set my Goals. Made commitment to myself, no matter what this year no one will going to stop me.

Well this is my story, how I become a successful in just less than 4 month. Most people chasing for Pension but I was Chasing for my Passion. Now I love what I do. Love helping people who is still struggling in Home Based Business.

In the last 3 months I have achieved massive success that I always wanted. Now I Love what I do. Love helping others. As of right now I have quit my job and have started working as a full time online marketer and I am enjoying the time I am spending with my family. This one opportunity has changed my life completely, I went from being bossed around at work to being a Boss. change your life and become successful. It’s a life changing experience.

If you've been there, or if you feel inspired by my story, then let's connect.

I can show you exactly what I am doing now to create the freedom I have been seeking for so long!

message me for have the life that you deserve.

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